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I think there should be minuses for schools that had criminal charges brought against players. Any Cheating scandals, especially if a collge had to forfeit any games. Any school who's graduation percentage drops below 70 percent. Etc. Then we can rank the schools of the decade.


FSU had an ousted coach in 2009, should be -3


Bmore ---

Ill just repeat myself:

Do you count the departures of George Welsh and Bobby Bowden
as coaching ousters? In many ways, they were. But they also werent
run-of-the-mill figures, either. I left both out of the calculations,
but theres valid arguments the other way.

Depends on how strict your definition of ouster is. If its wanted to keep coaching but wasnt allowed, then Bowden counts. If it was get the hell out and were changing the locks to your office, then he doesnt.

Either way, the order remains the same.


Regardless of ouster of Bowden, you have to account for the cheating....if you go based on the adjustments, they lose 2 low tier bowl appearances (4), 1 low tier bowl win (1) then adjust for the vacated wins and you have to assign -3 for 2006 and -4 for 2007, so even if don't go so hard on them, if you account for cheating and the Bowden mess, they should drop below VT


I think the Meineke Car Care/Continental Tire Bowl should rank higher than a lower tier bowl. Since its inception, it has been one of the higher attended bowls and have hosted major games (UVa/WVU, UNC in recent years).


Newman ---

The Tire/Care took the No. 5 team in a nine-team league and (effectively) the No. 6 team in a 12-team league. I tried to place two games each in the upper and middle tiers, and did my best to base it on pecking order (attendance was not a factor).

But just for fun, heres the eight matchups (rankings are AP, records do not include actual bowl game):

2002 --- Virginia (8-5) vs. No. 15 West Virginia (9-3)
2003 --- Virginia (7-5) vs. Pittsburgh (8-4)
2004 --- North Carolina (6-5) vs. No. 25 Boston College (8-3)
2005 --- N.C. State (6-5) vs. South Florida (6-5)
2006 --- No. 23 Boston College (9-3) vs. Navy (9-3)
2007 --- Wake Forest (8-4) vs. Connecticut (9-3)
2008 --- North Carolina (8-4) vs. West Virginia (8-4)
2009 --- North Carolina (8-4) vs. No. 17 Pittsburgh (9-3)

Only four of the 16 participants were in the top 25. Two of those four were Boston College teams that plummeted through the selection process as BC usually does.

I just dont see it as a mid-tier bowl --- even if the matchups have improved. I guess Im also lumping the bottom 50 percent of the bowls into the lower tier, then being somewhat selective about tiering the rest. Theres a better argument to be made that the Music City Bowl belongs on the same tier as the Tire/Car Care Bowl.


Best overall view of the ACC decade that I've seen anywhere. You should work of ESPN.

Too many people forget that Miami ruled 2000-2002. If they hadn't have been screwed by FSU/BCS formula in 2000 and the "flag" in 2003 (yes I'm over it), Miami could have played/won 3 NC in a row. That's ridiculous. Dorsey was 38-2 winning 36 straight. That type of domination far outweighs the mediocre seasons. Any of these average teams would gladly trade a decade of mediocrity for 3 years like that (most of them already have the decade of mediocrity to trade.)

People bash the Canes for dropping off the map for a while, but after a run like that, its bound to happen. You just can't go 12-0/11-1 and play for a NC for 10 years straight.

I hope the rest of the ACC has made the most of their short time in the sun, because Miami and FSU are rising from the ashes....

Great Article!

Skeptical Observer

How come you count Miami's NC/NC runner-up? It was before they were in the conference?


To quote myself:

Making sure the former Big East schools werent penalized for not
starting the decade in the ACC was a priority, but also trying to
ensure an apples-to-apples comparison wasnt easy.

The attempt was to equalize the comparison between the 12 schools as much as possible. Ignoring four or five seasons worth of  a program would have ensured that attempt failed.

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