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Harrison Goodman

Bigger problem: Their non-conference schedule, which last I checked, Gary controls.

Po Boy

Regarding the 2 in 3 issue. Seems like the NC schools would be best suited to handle it, since they're all so close.

Interesting that only one of the four has a 2 in 3 to deal with. Very interesting, indeed.


Harrison ---

My theory on the nonconference home schedule, which I'll delve into down the road, is that it was made under the assumption Vasquez wouldn't be back and the team would want no part of really tough teams rolling into town. William & Mary, it should be pointed out, was not high on CAA preseason poll.

Po Boy ---

Believe me, I thought much the same thing when I looked at that. And I know Duke has done a few Thursday/Saturdays in the state over the years, but was still surprised it was the only school in the state to have to contend with that.

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