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If they make the tourney 96 teams then outlaw the NIT and CBI. Done and done.


Colm ---

Since the NCAA owns the NIT, it would only make sense for the NIT to disappear with a 96-team field. Not sure what the operators of the CBI would have to say about someone telling them to shut down, though.


A 96-team field would officially kill any interest I have in college basketball.


Oh, and your headline has been fixed:



I love that fine piece of Photo Shopping. Even thought about it when writing the headline, too.

Loyal Reader Mike P.

wow, the acc must be awesome this year to get 11 of 12 teams into the tourney. just goes to show you the pundits dont know what theyre talking about with the acc. right? right?


Ah, yes, with three of the last five or six teams into the field, no less!

Pretty much no one would do better with an expanded tournament than the power conferences.

  The A-Team  Online

Yeah I am agree with you "Loyal Reader mike". Acc must be gonna awesome this year. And I wish everything will go ok. There is on problem at all further..

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