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No doubt 21 wins gets them in, but I think you overestimate the emphasis the committee puts on wins. I know this sounds strange to say, but it's true. For example, suppose Va Tech and Maryland end up with exactly the same conference record and basically the same number of quality conference wins. I would be more worried if I were Va Tech because good losses are worth more than meaningless wins. That is, the committee is more likely to reward a team that at least scheduled some quality nonconference teams than a team that scheduled only cupcakes and therefore has more wins.

Fantastic blog, by the way! Will you have the +/- for last night's game?


Will ---

Actually, I think by inflating a target number --- one based on the actual resume and not as an one-size-fits-all number to chase --- Im trying to reflect that a hard figure isnt what the committee bases things on.

Let me put it this way. If Maryland gets 21 wins, it will have done enough for its resume (either on the road or against good teams) that there wont be any holes.

In short, Im trying to base a target number on what already has happened and what could happen with the remaining schedule. Which I know sounds a little convoluted. And youre right. Virginia Techs threshold is much higher.

Plus-minus will come later in the day. Gotta hit the road back home for D.C.

Eddie T

Yeah, I went all in with snowmen last week, but hey, I was short-stacked. What can ya do?


I gotcha. So absolute worst case for 21 wins is a win over Clemson (who then folds and ends up 7-9 or so), a win at Virginia, and one win in the ACC tourney...That would still get MD in. I think you're right. Thanks!


You will not find 34 better at-large teams than a 20-11 (10-6) Maryland team on Selection Sunday. No matter how crazy things get in other conferences.

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