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Eddie T

It is somewhat unfortunate for the Hokies that the few teams from decent conferences they did play pre-conference aren't helping them (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Penn State). Temple would have, but of course that's their lone non-conference loss. Taking care of Virginia at home would help a little. Beating their next opponent at home would help more -- but then we wouldn't want that, would we?


Penn State indeed let the Hokies down. Theres also a lot of trash on that schedule that was expected to be trash.

Its a tough spot for Seth, because he went into the season with Delaney as a sure thing, Allen as a typical contributor when his mind was in the right place and questions after that. Turns out Hudson was pretty good and J.T. Thompson was solid. But it was tough to know for sure, and scheduling wins was a smart strategy.

Typically, you can overcome that with a victory or two over Duke and North Carolina. But UNC isnt UNC, and the Hokies only get one crack at Duke. And thats why Virginia Tech has less of a margin for error than a 19-4 team should at this stage.

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