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First of all, thank you for your column. It's obvious you think deeply about the Terps and try to get to the reason behind things. I also like what you do because I like statistical analysis and you take a look at the stats.

Now concerning the Terps and their road record, this is my theory: I've noticed that they seem to rush things too much when they're on the road. Everything that looks comfortable at home is suddenly rushed as if they're trying to ram it down their opponent's throat. The reason they won at Fl St was because they refused to be rushed, took things deliberately, and ran their sets. That can't be said for any of their three ACC losses.


terpbugman ---

I think youre partially right. Maryland looked rushed at Wake Forest in large part because of impatience. But at Duke and Clemson, it probably had as much to do with the opposing defense.

Duke clearly frazzled the Terps, and their shot selection turned out to be awful. With Clemson, Maryland was so sloppy it wasted plenty of possessions before it even got a shot off.

But overall, Maryland hasnt run its offense as patiently on the road --- and it has a great deal to do with the wide splits.

Glenn Clark

Can we make the gold jersey request next?

Thanks sir.

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