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23, 7 and 7-typical night for gv


"they have to take it like that.”

Wow. Awesome.


Good for GV.

@D1scource - Did you hear any specific taunts or obscene language yourself Patrick?


Lets see ... I heard more times than I can count that he should put one part of of his body in another part of his body ... There was some gibberish that was supposed to pass as a foreign language. ... There were enough F-bombs directed at him as well.

The point wasnt just what he took. It was that the loudest fans were both mean-spirited and ignorant about the game. Its a brutal combination.


Beavis brings it upon himself with his shimmy shake BS - he has no class. That does not excuse what the FSU fans did.


Being a long time Maryland fan, I actually find this extremely funny. Being part of the fanhood of Maryland typically doing things like this, it's kind of like laughing at myself.


Andrew ---

Trust me, I am fully aware of the irony of a Maryland player taking heaps of abuse from fans.

Here is the difference.

While Maryland fans have a well-earned reputation for swearing and being unkind, some of the stuff at Comcast IS creative, hilarious, spontaneous or some combination of the three. A great example: The first couple times with the Scheyerface cutouts. Sure, its sort of old now. But it was extremely funny the first time.

Also: Fear the Mop in the Virginia Tech game a couple years ago when the Vomit Comet did his thing.

You never want to say everyone in a group is lousy, but my experiences tell me Florida States student section at basketball games is historically both ill-tempered and uncreative. Thats a bad combo --- and worse than anything Maryland fans have done other than hurling objects at opponents parents.


GV brings this on himself with his taunting. He will be punched in the face in the NBA everynight...while he is on the bench.

no excuse for FSU though...expect they are college students.


And why was he jeered by NC State fans? Last year with MD having big lead and seconds winding down, he runs over to shoot a three while the state players were standing there. Then he lied about it and said something about not realizing the time. Later, he admitted that he knew.
He is good at the game, but he will be a loser in life in the long run.


dukefan ---

That presumes Greivis winds up in the NBA rather than overseas. As fun as he is to watch on a nightly basis purely from a basketball standpoint, he still seems like a better fit in Europe.

And theres no question Vasquezs actions have made him a lightning rod. But theres a difference from getting heckled in Spanish and absorbing taunts about everything from his hair to Hugo Chavez to taking in what he received Thursday. Trust me, Ive covered probably 90 percent of Vasquezs career games, and nowhere was the fan reaction as over-the-line as at Florida State.


To be reasonable, he was jeered throughout the game at N.C. State, which was part of why he took that 3. He should not have done it, but felt he was provoked and did not exactly acquit himself well. Thursday was worse, which is why I was surprised there was not a more substantial reaction on his part.

(Also, it appears apostrophes are not working for the moment, hence some miscues in my last reply).

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