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Tucker is the exact type of player, in all sports, who as a former college athlete who was drastically less blessed with with skills and athleticism I want to shake vigorously until he gets it through his head that he has to work hard everyday with Gary as his coach. And if he does, he'll be rewarded with playing time.

And this coming year, if he works hard, he could catapult himself into the NBA draft (instead of the D-League if he's lucky, most likely it's somewhere like Russia or Korea).

It's all there for his taking/making.

Do you get the feeling he understands this and can put together the offseason and season necessary?


Ckstevenson ---

Youve just asked the $64,000 question --- though it is worth much more than that these days.

Im not sure what the answer is. Im not sure Marylands coaching staff knows the answer to that. Im not sure Tucker knows the answer to that.

Whether Cliff stays in College Park all summer --- taking classes, but just as importantly working out in Marylands strength program --- will be the first clue for finding an answer to your question. Its just hard to say what impact the chance to be a 30-minute-a-night guy will be. That fires some guys up, and makes others complacent knowing the minutes will be there regardless of what they do. I wish I knew which way this would go, but I honestly dont know.


What are the chances that Tucker, or any other returning Terps, play on some summer team, like a Team USA, or something of that nature? I think that'd be great for guys like Tucker, Bowie, or Williams.


PCK ---

Dont see anything that big.

Maybe theres one of those travel tours like Milbourne or Mosley went on after their freshman seasons, though those seem like theyre targeted more toward underclassmen.


Yeah. That's what I was talking about; didn't really expect a Team USA. I really think those type of experiences are really helpful, to diversify and build some confidence, along with the off-season strength and fitness program. I suspect that it really helped Vasquez, Mosley, and Milbourne. Thanks for the response.

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