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Mason Fan

Not to mention he gets to keep everything from his B-Ball camps and gets a bonus for almost anything good, like a winning season, winning the CAA reg. season, will the CAA tourney, and winning in the NCAA tourney.
I'm quite sure I read somewhere he is making around $825000 a year, must be nice!


Mason ---

That sounds about right.

He gets $10K for getting to 19 regular-season wins, an additional $15K if it is 22 regular-season wins. And youre right, theres plenty of other income outlets --- camps, coach of the year incentives, postseason incentives, etc.

One nifty thing from the previous contracts --- technically, he doesnt keep everything from his camps. He pays $1,000/week fee for up to four weeks. Something tells me that isnt much of a financial burden.


He's Mason's coach for as long as he wants to do it: It's a great feeling as a Mason alum and fan. Classy person, classy coach.

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