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Kevin Litz

Hey Patrick, great job with the blog and keep it up. I also wish you the best of luck with the job search. Your real talented and will land somewhere. As for the schedule, I do know that the Terps have a return game at Villanova for this year so you can add that one on too!


Kevin ---

Good call on the reminder for that game. Not sure if it gets played on campus or at the Wachovia Center.

UNC Greensboro also visits Maryland in a return game. Go ahead and toss in the BBT against opponent TBA.

Then theres the 16 league games, which feature the following:

Home-and-home: Duke, Virginia, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Road: Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina

Home: Clemson, Florida State, N.C. State.

Thats 23 out of 31 games right there known in some form or fashion. Not bad.


Who's the Big Ten/ACC challenge game next year? Wisconsin maybe? Purdue/MSU/OSU? Don't know when/how that gets picked. Anyway, you can add that one to the list as well.


Doug ---

Yep, thats in there, too.

Typically, the conference offices arrange those matchups, and theyre usually released in mid-to-late April.

If history holds, Miami wont be part of that this year. The No. 12 seed/last-place team in the ACC is typically not included in the event.

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