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Way too many variables here to draw any conclusions. In the GT game, I thought Jordan Williams' foul trouble was a huge factor. The Terps couldn't rebound without him and the shooters got nervous because every miss meant a one-shot possession. I think that affected Hayes and Mosley in particular. It allowed GT to run out to the huge lead in the first half.


Jeremy ---

Yeah, thats basically what I thought --- no rhyme or reason to much of anything. But it was, I think, still a worthwhile endeavor to offer up the best answer I could to the question.


Thanks Patrick good stuff, I agree numbers don't quite prove my impression correct, as usually there is at least one other guy shooting over 50%. But at the same time there does usually seem to be at least one other guy having an off night, or not shooting as much.

Guess we can just say that Vasquez just feels like taking a lot of shots and sometimes it pays off like against VT this year and other times it doesn't like against WF.


Cristian ---

I suspect, as you said, that the most crucial variable in all of this is whatever is going on in Greivis mind. After covering him for four seasons, Im never quite sure that is, though it is usually well-intentioned.


There's also the problem that if a team is playing good D against Greivis, it may well be a good defensive team in general, which would tend to depress shooting percentages across the board.

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