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Linsday Askew

Adios SeƱor Huevos, vaya con dios.

Best Maryland Point Guard ever.


Where do you rank Len Bias?


Southern ---

That ranking was for guys who had played under Gary.

Overall, Bias has a very good case to be No. 1. But Im not getting into that argument today.


Agreed, for those who have played for Gary, he's definitely top 4.

In all the history of Maryland basketball, I'd probably put him somewhere around #8-10. I had him #12-15 before this season and during the season, but he's proved his worth. It took a great shot to keep him out of the second weekend of the NCAA's.

Kevin Litz

Great post Patrick. Does Gary get an end of the year review as well? He did an amazing job this year, ACC Coach of the Year and ACC Co-Regular Season Champions. I just love the man and the way he coaches with the passion. His name needs to be on that court one day. He is Maryland Basketball.


Kevin ---

Hadnt been planning one on Gary. But needless to say, it was a very good year for him as well as most of his players.

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