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Eddie T

Any chance they'd consider moving the lax games over to Ludwig? Haven't been following tournament attendance figures in recent years to figure how much of a financial sacrifice that would be...

Eddie T

Oh wait -- nevermind. There's -- something else going on over there...


Eddie ---

The womens tournament is over at Ludwig, and the schedules overlap a bit (5 p.m. games at both sites on Friday, for instance).

Also, a lot of the temporary seating at Ludwig from soccer season isnt around in the spring. So that tightens things up a bit.

Finally, I suspect TV is in much better shape at Byrd than anywhere else at Maryland. And lets face it, TV is probably going to get what it wants under most circumstances.


The only person here with a legitimate gripe is Dave Cottle, who should be angry that Debbie Yow is letting the 2-10 football team tear up HIS field for a practice/exhibition game in the middle of Maryland hosting the ACC Tournament and playing real games that count.

2-10 coaches should be seen and not heard.

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