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Eddie T

Thought you might find a place for Maryland's 18-17 stunner against the 'Cuse in the '97 semis. Of course, the Terps didn't have much left for arguably Princeton's most talented bunch in the Tierney era...


Eddie T ---

Theres a lot of mid-to-late 90s Maryland upsets that fit the profile. Didnt think I could include all of them, though that game did get consideration.


That 1995 Hopkins team is a HUGE disappointment for any JHU alum.

Undefeated, #1 throughout much of the season and did not make it to the final 4.

They got revenge the next year, when Maryland was the 2 seed and hopkins the 7th seed, and Hopkins beat em!

Frank P

Well put Daniel.

George Thistle

The Black Knights are awesome!!

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