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Thanks! Wouldn't have pegged Radakovich as the top guy, and of course, he might not really be the top guy. Interesting comparison.


Stormy ---

I was surprised by that as well.

As I look at it now, he gets $300,000 for this upcoming year and $280,000 for the previous year in supplemental income. The chart in his deal crossed me up, but either way he stays at the top in guaranteed income. Im tweaking the chart after posting this comment.

Georgia Tech spins that as money for radio, TV and speaking engagements. Read: Fundraising. Paul Johnsons contract reads in a very similar way.


"Poor Lee Fowler"

Eff that. He performed every bit the part of the lowest-paid AD in the league, and we at State got far LESS per dollar from Fowler than did any other school from their AD.

It was WORTH paying him an extra three years at that bargain rate just to get him out the door and get Yow through it.


RnR ---

It took nearly two months, but that sarcastic phrasing tucked in that entry finally got the response I was looking for. Thanks for not letting me down!



That's how State does it...two months late to the party.

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