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UMD Lacrosse = Virginia Basketball (albeit on a different scale)?

The folks in College Park need to recalibrate their search and find their Tony Bennett like UVA did when the Tubby Smith dream was thankfully buried.


Stormy ---

I would say Maryland lacrosse is a better gig for its sport than Virginia basketball is for its --- and the results of the last 15 years provide much more hope for Terps lax than Hoos hoops.

But I do agree there is something to be said for bringing in a smart guy who might not necessarily know the local lay of the land but is certain of his way of doing things.

Getting turned down could become a good thing, assuming Marylands administration can accurately size up lacrosse coaching ability. Sometimes, a good coach is better than a recognizable name.


Maryland seems to have done what too many university athletic departments often do... allow "the perfect to be the enemy of the good." Firing a coach for not being #1, but in the process losing a great educator and mentor. In this case, a coach with all qualifications to win an NCAA title. I wonder if there is a "story behind the story.."


Nat ---

I dont think theres any crazy subplot involved here other than some expectations that are simply not completely in tune with reality.

The odd thing (to me, anyway) is just how polarizing Marylands decision was.

For vocal Maryland fans, it was met with complete support, since they believed Cottle wouldnt win a national title. That may well be true --- theres 28 years of evidence that says he hasnt --- but theres got to be more than one successful team every year.

For fans elsewhere and among coaches, there was a definite what are they thinking? vibe. And thats starting to play out. Its highly unlikely Maryland will find a coach as accomplished  as Cottle.

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