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It looks like the author conveniently forgot to mention how Tyrod did in his last drive against Nebraska from a year ago. Tyrod transformed into a complete quarterback during that game. He is easily the most underrated passer in the ACC and is set to surprise a lot of people this fall


Andy ---

Oh, there was no ignoring that game.

Lets not forget the Nebraska secondary didnt acquit itself particularly well on the long pass to Danny Coale to set up the game-winning score. Credit Taylor for some of that, but lousy coverage contributed significantly to that crucial play.

(Taylors touchdown pass three plays later, though, was pretty impressive).

Taylors played from more than a possession behind in five of his 28 career starts. Maybe hell be fine if the Hokies defense takes a dip after some significant personnel losses, but its very much in question whether Taylor (or, perhaps more on point, Virginia Techs offensive system) will hold up well under a scenario in which it gets caught in a shootout or three.



I don't think you can say that it was lousy coverage. You have to give Tyrod credit for standing in the pocket to find Danny Coale. Tyrod's pump fake not only got Suh into the air, but also froze the whole secondary in which Coale was able to slip behind and make a great catch. That game was definitely not one of Tyrod's best performances, but he showed great poise in the last 2 minutes of the game.

For me I think Tyrod will have a great year, for the fact teams have to prepare for Ryan Williams and Darren Evans as well as Tyrod's running abilities. This is definitely going to open it up for Tyrod in the passing game with improving receivers such as Boykins and Coale. But like you said it will depend on how the new line holds up. Also we'll see how Stinespring will call the plays. We'll all see this fall!



D1scourse - could some (if not all) of that "lousy coverage" on that play be credited to the fact that TT kept the play alive by scrambling around in the backfield and making the secondary come up to take him...meanwhile, one of our craftier WR's took advantage by going deep. The ball was also PERFECTLY thrown.


MM ---

First, the play in question, which I just watched far too many times in order to offer a reasoned reply (even if it contradicted what I remembered about it originally): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4WGOZVTCK4

The safeties floated back and probably would have been in the same spot regardless, but youre right that Suh and both corners reacted to the pump fake. Id argue the one covering Coale shouldnt have been so blatantly fooled since the fake was directed to the other side of the field, and that turned out to be a crucial error. So Taylor warrants credit, but I still think the corner shouldnt have been 12 yards behind Coale once the ball was out of Taylors hand. Would that have changed the plays ultimate outcome if it was a five-yard gap and the corner was already running? Realistically, probably not.

You also point out the great variable of play-calling for this year. Why do I have the feeling that will cause some angst for fans in Blacksburg this year?


Mike ---

Check out my last reply. Taylor does warrant some --- but not all --- of that credit.

mark rowland

two things happened with the taylor pump fake other than freezing the d line and perhaps the best d linemen weve seen in 30 years, ndamukong suh. Clearly the corner was looking back for the quick pass out route( pump fake), and 2) the safety bit hard on the fake and was also playing relatively a shallow field, which further hastened coale to be able to slip the safety deep down the sidelines. As for the defense of nebraska, look at the statistics of the 2009 husker defense. the black shirts defense was nearly back to form.


Mark ---

I think its safe to say I havent discounted Nebraskas defense for entirety of last season --- or for this year, for that matter.



Maybe the reason he has rarely had to comeback from a large deficiet is because he is good enough to prevent his team from falling substantially behind?


Mason ---

Or, more likely, his defense created a comfortable margin for error.

In Taylors 28 starts, opponents have scored 20 points just eight times (Clemson 2007, Nebraska 2008, Boston College 2008, Florida State 2008, Alabama 2009, Duke 2009, Georgia Tech 2009, North Carolina 2009).

Virginia Tech has thrived because its defense is superb and it typically uses both special teams and turnovers to create short fields for a ball-control offense that hasnt been particularly special for much of the last four years. Nonetheless, the Hokies are effective at playing with a lead, something that happens frequently since the defense typically ranks among the strongest in the country. This isnt an interpretation of events so much as it is an obvious truth.

The whole point of this argument is what happens if that defense suddenly isnt so great. And for the most part, that is an unknown.


“And for the most part, that is an unknown.” I think this sentiment perfectly sums up why I feel it necessary to respond to a blogger of such little skill as yourself. Why waste my time? It might have something to do with the fact that I’m stuck in a soul-sucking job with far too much free time on my hands, or it might be because the smugness in your replies are matched only by the ineptitude displayed in your “research”.
Warning, this will probably be a long reply, and I won’t bother for the most part with spelling or syntax since I’ll be responding in a conversational style.

First things first. I can barely comprehend what point your trying to make with this “analysis” of the VT football team. My confusion started with the first line. “It's a Bizarro Year in Blacksburg, where up is down, black and white, and defense and special teams are the apparent question marks.” I won’t bother to paste anymore of this horrid writing for fear of my mouse’s right click button becoming violently ill. I’ll try to sum up your argument here.
1. VT defense is rebuilding (ok, fair point but I almost skipped the rest of the article thinking it was going to be a rehashing of every other VT offseason analysis)
2. Tyrod Taylor is the REAL question mark here if the defense underperforms (Well, now you have my attention. Tyrod Taylor, the senior, the 14th highest rated qb in the country last year is going to be the Hokies weak link? Maybe I will stick around.)
3. Tyrod Taylor has made a comeback before in 2008 (um, he seems to be arguing against himself, especially since he made that comeback as a true sophomore, but maybe he has some larger point to make)
4. But he has failed to make a comeback when down by more than 10 points on four occasions(…ok, I’m still waiting on his point here….Oh wait, that was his point?! That VT fans should be afraid of how the season is going to turn out because Tyrod Taylor has only led the team back from 10+ points down 1 out of 5 times he could be the weak link this year? And he readily admits that two of these “failures” occurred when Tyrod was playing as a true sophomore in a year Frank Beamer originally intended on redshirting him? This can’t be true. He must have some stats to back up his argument.)
5. Finally. Some stats…(Your kidding me… It’s at this point I know I’m wasting my time. Including a game vs FSU in the stat chart is UNBELIEVABLE. The only stat for Tyrod Taylor in that game is a sack. HE WAS INJURED ON THE ONE PLAY HE PARTICIPATED IN THE GAME! And these stats are defeating his own argument! Last year, Tyrod taylor failed to lead VT to victory after falling being 20+ to Alabama and GT. Look at the very stat chart you presented and you’ll see that tyrod had his 2nd highest rated game against GT! And if the author was smart enough to break it down into “crunchtime” numbers he’d see tyrod did even BETTER in the second half, while down, than he did in the first half. Oh, but Tyrod had a bad game vs Alabama! WHO DIDN’T YOU RANDOM BLOGGER! THEY WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! They had arguably the best defense in the country. So did Nebraska. But I like how you gazed over one of the most exciting comebacks of the year.)
6. Tyrod Taylor just doesn’t “seem” like a guy who will win games on his own (well, considering football is a team sport, it’s a rare individual who can claim to “win” a game on his own. Especially a QB, who has to rely on his O-line to block for him and his Recievers to catch the ball and his coaches to make the right calls… But are you really spending your VT preseason anaylsis to convince VT fans Tyrod Taylor isn’t a Mike Vick or Reggie Bush talent? I think we all knew that. At least, we all “seem” to.)
7. VT has “some” running options (My favorite part of the post. I like how he uses the very useful word “some”. As if Ryan Williams, all-time freshmen rusher, and Darren Evans, 2nd all time freshmen rusher, are just “some” runningbacks instead of the World class athletes they are. It’s an easy, easy argument to make that VT has the best backfield in the country. Plus, I love how the blogger just randomly starts talking about the VT running game. Not a fantastic flow to your thread bud)
8. VT’s defense has been amazing the past half decade. (Um, wtf. I thought we were talking about Tyrod Taylor?)
9. Here’s a graph to prove what we already know (um, again wtf. I thought you were extrapolating on what “seems” to be Tyrod’s lack of playmaking skills)
10. Don’t be surprised if VT’s defense is great this year too (ok, so you’re hedging your bets by saying “vt’s defense will suck, and Tyrod Taylor seems as if he won’t be able to win games when behind, but it won’t matter because VT has some running options and the defense rarely sucks.”)
11. Tech will win the conference. ( HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…Silly blogger! If your going to have the guts to say that the 14th most efficient QB in the country last year(and many of those ranked higher either graduated or got drafted) doesn’t have the chops to lead his country to comebacks, at least have the guts to stick to the logical conclusion and pick them to NOT win the conference!)
This is the worst blog post I’ve seen all year.

Far and away my favorite part of this page though are the replies. The OP (original poster) is almost immediately called out for Tyrod bashing with no facts, and the Nebraska example is thrown in his face. The OP responds that it was the Defenses fault for losing the game, not giving Tyrod any credit. Eventually, the OP admits he was wrong about not giving him his due and all seems well in the world.

Then I, wishing to avoid a long blog post such as this, try to point out the fallacy in the OP’s original argument with a simple question.
“Maybe the reason he has rarely had to comeback from a large deficiet is because he is good enough to prevent his team from falling substantially behind?”
AAAAAAAAnd let the stupid response of all stupid responses begin! Completely disregarding the obvious flaw in his thinking, the OP says some generic stuff about how good the defense has been and then he drops this bombshell.
“Nonetheless, the Hokies are effective at playing with a lead, something that happens frequently since the defense typically ranks among the strongest in the country. This isnt an interpretation of events so much as it is an obvious truth.”
OH REALLY! AN OBVIOUS TRUTH?! You don’t say! Tyrod Taylor’s FANTASTIC winning percentage (I believe it’s the highest any QB not named Micheal Vick has in VT history) is due to VT’s ability to “play with a lead”. Hey idiot, who do you think is the QB while VT is playing with a lead? Tyrod Taylor! Who has to lead an offense to score in order to secure a lead? Tyrod Taylor! Who was the 14th MOST EFFICIENT QB IN THE COUNTRY LAST YEAR? TYROD TAYLOR!

Just when I think I’ve seen the pinnacle of football stupidity, the OP closes on this gem. “The whole point of this argument is what happens if that defense suddenly isnt so great. And for the most part, that is an unknown.”
LOL CATS! ROFL DOGS! Apparently the future is unknown! Hey! See this whole time, I thought you were making statements that you felt carried some heft, but ALAS! You know that the future is unknown! So whats the point in talking about it with an idiot like you? THERE IS NO POINT! I’VE WASTED AN ENTIRE DAY AT WORK TYPING UP A REPLY TO A GENIUS WHO KNOWS THAT THE FUTURE IS UNKNOWN!!!!

Hey, dude, next time you post something on the internet for the world to see bashing a standup guy like tyrod taylor who has always done what was asked of him, always been respectful and given everything for his team, and been an excellent role model to kids make sure you have some basis for doing so.
Not just your knowledge that we don’t know with 100 percent certainty what a world-class nice guy like Tyrod Taylor will do in the future.


Mason ---

You suck would have sufficed. And my sympathies for your soul-sucking job.



Calling D1scourse a "random blogger" shows your own inability to do research.

Do I disagree with his position on Tyrod? Absolutely. But I didn't go off the deep end like you did because I respect his opinion and respect him as a journalist.

He came to his own conclusion about Tyrod and the Hokies just like Hokie fans have theirs. And believe me, his is an informed opinion, unlike a lot of others.


Someone who works with Mason at the soul-sucking job, please switch him over to decaf. WOW.

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