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How much will it increase the yearly TV revenues for the Terps?

Also, how many Terp Mbball, Wbball and Fball games might get shown on ESPN/ESPN2/ABC each year, not counting ESPNUnavailable? Or will a good number of games get ESPN3(60) treatment?


Journterp ---

On average, it will more than double the TV revenue. But it wont double overnight, and just remember that inflation will take a bite out of things as well.

The number of football games in prominent places will probably be directly dependent on the success of the program. Win a bunch, and that takes care of itself. As for hoops, it might be a modest uptick. If Maryland is a top-10 program, it will probably surge considerably. Otherwise, business as usual in all likelihood.


Down here in Time Warner Cable land (Raleigh), Swofford was on the local sportstalk station and said he felt confident the league, ESPN and TWC would come to a solution regarding TWC and ESPN3.

Was there anything mentioned during the teleconference regarding this, particularly from ESPN's John Skipper?


RnR ---

Actually, it did come up. I dont have a quote in my notes --- tweeting away made that a bit more difficult --- but I do recall Skipper (or someone from ESPN, anyway) mentioning that progress was being made and that it seemed likely an agreement would be made to ensure those with Roadrunner internet service would get access to ESPN3. I think (not 100 percent sure, but I remember hearing something to this effect) that there was some optimism it would be done in the next couple months, but it definitely sounded like it was something ESPN wanted to have happen.

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