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What about 6'9 260 lb Jake Wheeler who came in as a Tackle? Isn't he being looked at as a TE until he fills out?

Maybe he could atleast provide some blocking with that size?


Buddha ---

I doubt that Maryland will sacrifice a year of Wheeler (a guy whose name hasnt been mentioned all camp) down the road as an emergency solution to a problem that could possibly be solved before September is out.

I think a glance over to the fullbacks is the most likely answer for a stopgap if its needed. But even thats just a guess.

Chris Stoner

I imagine Gloster is now too entrenched on the DL to be considered for a move back to TE?

Gloster was a PrepStar All American, 21st receiver in the nation on ESPN.com, 30th wr in the nation on Rivals.


Chris ---

Yeah, the tight end thing didnt work out well for Gloster, regardless of what the recruiting rankings said. Drew will admit he didnt much take to the blocking side of things.

Plus, hes starting and happy at defensive end. If he wasnt going back to linebacker when there were depth issues there, hes not going back to tight end.


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