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Todd aka CharmCityTerp

The game should be played in Baltimore at M&T...SO much better than the horrible FedEx.


Fed-Ex wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't in Landover.


Folks ---

Well, its tough to argue which of the two is better for fans. One is located near a fairly vibrant downtown area. The other was plunked down just off the Beltway and looks like the prototype for what an Olympic stadium would have been if Moscow ever got the Summer Games during Stalins rule.

But one has 90K seats and the other is right around 70K. Thats all you really need to know.


It is possible that the SKins will be not be playing at FED EX in 2017....Maybe they will be back in the city in their new state-of-the-art stadium where RFK once stood...please God.....


Has it occurred to any of you that college students with no car can easily go to Fedex on the metro rather than 45 min to Baltimore. UMD is actually in the metro DC area and not in Baltimore.

Yes I know Baltimore is more identified with Maryland but FedEx is closer than M&T.


JR ---

Youre right, but its worth pointing out Maryland bused students in from College Park on Labor Day. I dont think transportation is going to be a huge concern to either place unless the world runs out of dead dinosaurs (and, to be accurate, plenty of other organic material as well) to use as fuel.

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