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How much do I have to contribute to get you in Blacksburg for the Georgia Tech game this year?


Furrer ---

Given Virginia Techs online media policy, it might not matter. But Im open to the idea. Will fly to Miami the next day regardless for Terps game Saturday.


Count me in, Patrick.


Just tell Dave Smith you're Patrick Goddamn Stevens and that I said it's OK. We're tight like that.


Furrer ---

Ah, the Dont you know who I am? card. Can think of a half-dozen people off the top of my head I could name that one after.


I second F4H's idea to get you to come down to Blacksburg.


Joe ---

Im all for it. Well have to see if several things break right for that to happen, but Id love to get at least one trip into Blacksburg --- especially so close to hoops season.Could make for a very productive trip.

John Taylor

Yeah, the Hokies have a rather outdated media credentialing policy that's chiseled on stone tablets. It's been suggested to them by some folks I know that it might be time to update it. ...


Although if they keep losing to powerhouse programs like JMU maybe nobody will want to cover them anymore?

P insley

where do i send the check?

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