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If you have put 5 bucks on every game, you would've made 180 bucks...

Eddie T

I'm inclined to think if the FedEx showdown is close, it's the Broncos that will find a way to pull it out. But it should be fun either way...


I think people are underestimating the talent on the UVa roster.


Shraf ---

Defensively, I agree. Theyll be competent on that side of things.

The offense is something else. But if they turn out to be decent there, Ill be the first to admit I underestimated them.


I agree that the offensive side is lacking but to compare the talent to Richmond is a little over the top. I believe Richmond is breaking in 15 new starters so it is not like this is the same team that Mike London led to back to back great years. Additionally, while there is a lot of unproven talent on the UVa offense, it is there. Kris Burd was effective last year despite the fact there were three different quarterbacks throwing him the ball, two of whom do not know how to throw. Tim Smith was a 4 star receiver out of the Chesapeake area. Joe Torchia, the starting Tight End, was a 4 star out of Jersey. The new right tackle, Oday Aboushi, was a 4 star out of Brooklyn. They are replacing players that were adequate at best. The running back situation has a lot of unproven players but talent does exist there between Perry Jones, Dom Wallace, Raynard Horne and Keith Payne. Obviously the biggest driving force behind how the UVa offense will perform, as you mentioned, will be the performance of Marc Verica. But as many Maryland fans can attest to, he can be good when he has the confidence of the staff and some momentum on his side (see 31-0). The talent is there for him and Al Groh tugged him back and forth to the point where he had no confidence left. Maybe I am being a little overconfident but I think 6-6 is attainable and 5-7 is likely with a very outside chance of winning 7 games.

I also think we will have the best secondary in the ACC.


Shraf ---

I agree the wins are out there to get to 5-7, 6-6 in a best-case scenario. But well have a pretty good idea in two days and change whether Virginia has the goods to get there.

Id be careful measuring talent with recruiting rankings, at least at an individual level. The football evaluators try hard, but thats a much more inexact science than basketball is. Ive seen more than a few sure things covering Maryland who turned out to be decent (but not overwhelming) college players.


I guess we do have a little offensive talent.


Shraf ---

So it would seem. Impressed by Dontrelle Inman as much as anyone, really. Him and Verica, who was really sound in Week 1.

Barring a shock in L.A. next week, Im reserving judgment on the Hoos until next month. They could be a very predictable 2-3 heading into their date with North Carolina.

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