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No Pig Pick'ems on the edge of Wake Forest? You can eat for less than $5.


Rick ---

Sadly, Pig Pickins closed a couple years ago. If I recall correctly, the owner didnt pay his property taxes and the state of North Carolina didnt like that decision. But that was a superb (and convenient) place for pregame BBQ across the street from Joel Coliseum.


Great post! Don't forget to mention that a big draw of Franklin's is that it brews its own beer, including the "Twisted Turtle"!

College Park also has a new, tasty Mexican restaurant--Street Tacos--that just opened a few weeks ago. I only got to try it for the first time recently, but maybe it will make the list next year.


Patrick - how could you leave off Danny's and Terrapin Taco House?


Tony ---

Heh. Dannys belongs on a different version of Man vs. Food.

The Terrapin Taco House met its demise maybe five years ago. A great complementary post would be to name long lost gems. Sloans in Charlottesville and Pig Pickins in Winston-Salem make that list.


I like the list, generally, having spent a lot of time in Chestnut Hill and Charlottesville.

But for Charlottesville a couple of things:

1. You got some great recommendations - interesting that Eppie's came up even though it's far from campus - it's a good spot though.

2. I'm not a big fan of Take it Away - their sandwiches are kind of boring, but I know a lot of people who like it.

3. Most importantly, you missed Wayside Chicken! It's a tailgate staple and truly great.


Chris ---

The great thing about this list is I could be dead-on with every place listed and STILL miss dozens of restaurants worth dropping in on. Wayside Chicken will get a look if/when I update this next year.


I can confirm that Marathon is the best meal in town for under $10. The day they started accepting credit was a bad day for my health. It used to be a special treat for when I was actually carrying cash. Best gyro I've ever had.

I've gotten sick at Danny's almost every one of the few times I've eaten there.

For a sit-down restaurant, Franklin's has a great selection and yes, they brew their own beer.

Plato's has great greek food, breakfast food all day, and their fat free shake is AWESOME... made with fresh strawberries and bananas... you don't even miss the fat.


Thank you so much for doing this, Patrick.


Hokie ---

No problem. Hope people find a use for it; thats why I did it.

On the bright side, I no longer have to ask for restaurant recommendations anymore on the road.

Eddie T

Damn -- getting hungry now! Well done, sir.

Doug Groseclose

Many years ago Cellar Anton's was one of the great places to eat in Greensboro. I know little of it today, other than it is called Anton's now and is run by the son of the founder. Originally upstairs was Irving Park Delicatessen.


Marathon Deli makes a mean greek salad too. I ate there waaaaay too much in my years living near it.

thomas morton

Top of the hill in chapel hill was supposed to cap off a great day of basketball, however,i was sorely disappointed by both the service and the food. Being a chef and restauranteur, i tend to be overcritical, but not in this case. The service was terrible. After 30 minutes, no food, and only one beer, we gave up and left, receiving not even a slight acknowledgement from the two hostesses. At the front door. In my opinion, skip the snooty fake fine dining, and hit one of the true food and spirits places franklin street has to offer.


great call on Moogy's just down the street from BC. Now that they have beer, there's no reason not to go there...any time of any day.


After a game in College Park, MD, a short drive down Route 1 to downtown Hyattsville will produce great food and microbrewery beer at Franklin's Brewery next to the railroad tracks. Long lines after games, but worth the wait! Here's there link:



How can you have never eaten at the Bagel Place? That place is awesome! I used to go there before every club baseball trip and still go there before each day of my alumni softball tourney (in Greenbelt). It's one of the few places where I actually have a staple: The Red & White (I think that's what it's called). Good roast beef piled high on your choice of bagel with lettuce, tomato, and scallion cream cheese. Get the bagel toasted. It's great!

BTW, I think Danny's might finally be closed unless it moved. When I was going to the Bagel Place in August I noticed that Danny's wasn't in its old location.

Oh and good choice on the Marathon Deli. I totally forgot about that place, and it's really good!

I guess it's approaching chain status, but I'm surprised Cluck-U didn't make the list. It was even mentioned on a food network show on hot wings.


In Tallahassee, we go where students go, you know affordable places. Guthrie's Chicken Fingers (the place Zaxby's copied) and Gumby's Pizza (get the Pepperoni rolls, skip the Pokey Stix).


A few student favorites from GT Alum:
Rocky Mountain Pizza
Juniors Grill (only open weekdays unfortunately)
Waffle House (GT franchise is up Northside)


Tequilas (2802 Reynolda Rd) at Wake Forest is a student favorite Mexican Restaurant. You could get a lunch special, chips and salsa (and their famous white sauce), and a beer for under $5 when I graduated in 2006. It was former Deac and NFL star Tyson Claybo's favorite restaurant in WS.


Dan ---

Sounds excellent. One more to tack onto the list for when I revisit this next year.


In Tallahassee, I second Guthrie's. Also there's Andrew's downtown. They get very busy on the eve of the game during the Dowtown Get-Down. Most of the menu is named after FL politicians, which makes ordering difficult if you live here (I get the Jeb Burger anyway).


You can't leave off "The Homeplace" in Catawba even though it is over 30 minutes away from Blacksburg. Hokies will make the drive just to wait (easily) an hour or more for a table! AYCE family style country food that is the BEST.


To everyone whos added something --- thanks so much for the suggestions. Hope everyone winds up reading the comments. Some good ideas are included here.


Shorty's BBQ is a great spot in Miami.


You have to put Village Tavern on there for Winston-Salem/Greensboro. 3 locations and a great sit down restaurant.


Fellini's pricey? I don't know what planet you're on, but I can get a (very large) slice a pizza and a pitcher of beer for under $10.


If in Raleigh you have to check out the NC State themed McDonalds off Western near campus. It has basketball court, scoreboard, 5 tvs and a bunch of state athletics pictures. pretty cool place!


When in Tallahasse you have to hit Cabo's for thier Sunday brunch. Also Monk's on High St has the best burgers in town.


This Hokie has been known to go way out of my way to partake in one of my favorite meals on earth... those brown sugar encrusted ribs at Spanky's in Chapel Hill. I get a side of Carolina style bbq as well. Not on menu, but they'll do it if you ask nicely.


Reason for the "18 and over" sign at Vortex in Atlanta is that they allow smoking and state law prohibits diners under 18.

chris hartness

hero house right off of wake's campus is fantastic, but apparently is just recently moved.


Miami is big...but if you're willing to travel...

Sakaya Kitchen is great asian food for pretty cheap.

The best sushi (albeit really expensive) is NAOE in North Miami Beach...which is kinda close to the stadium.

Coral Gables is so far from the stadium that you might as well touch all of Miami...so I'll also suggest Red Light on Little River


If your in W-S and looking for good BBQ why not go ahead and take an extra 15 minutes to get the real thing at Lexington BBQ in Lexington, NC. Just a quick drive down 52.


You'll need to add Just More BBQ to the Clemson list. Just outside of Clemson in Pendelton, SC, it used to be part of the ESSO Club until it outgrew its britches and had to get its building. A BBQ Buffett, with any style you want from chicken, beef, pork, and ribs. For $10 you can leave with having added a waist size.

Trent Culp

Calhoun Corners is another great restaurant in Clemson, it is owned by the same people as Pixie & Bill's. It is delicious


Due South BBQ is a great place to try if you are in town for a VT game located in Christiansburg but they also do great tailgating specials.


Great list. However, VT/Blacksburg trip never complete without getting some grub from Sycamore Deli. Awesome eats for a cheap price in a true college deli (random decor, sometimes beer in the fridge, sometimes gatorade, always a bunch of hokies hanging out)


I agree the Dwarf House belongs on this list. Even though it is the original Chick-fil-a, it shouldn't be considered part of the chain, per se. At how many Chick-fil-a's can you get a steak plate (or a hamburger for that matter) or a 'Hot Brown'?


VaTech - The Summit in Christianburg is fantastic, albeit upscale.


Miami - If you're staying south, Titanic Brewery right next to campus.


Miami - If your staying north you gotta have a laspada sub.



Oh yeah, and best bagel south of NYC -- bagel emporium.



Durham (ranked by Bon Appetit as America's Foodiest Small Town in 2008) has too many great places to list, but here are two that I highly recommend: Satisfaction's (Brightleaf Square @ W. Main & Gregson)-the best pizza in town... & for the best restaurant in the state (& one the best in the country), though admittedly pricey but soooo worth it, try Magnolia Grill (9th St).

Cajun Restaurant Greensboro

I’ve been coming here as a child and the food is always great. The Seafood Restaurants Greensboro are definitely better than the ones in Greensboro.

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