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Why couldnt he get on the field as a D-Lineman? Any other info on what the injury was?- ankle cyst isnt really an injury


Ryan ---

The cyst required surgery, so Maryland didnt bring Arnett to camp.

Arnett might have been a victim of Maryland looking for smaller, faster defensive ends. The only DE/Anchor of comparable size is Justin Anderson, and its no secret Maryland thinks hed probably be better-suited to play inside if at all possible.


If i recall, Arnett came in listed at 260, which means he was probably even less- I understand they want smaller quicker ends- doesnt make sense then that the S&C coach is putting weight on these guys. Arnet isnt the first that bulked up and then lost the speed/quickness they presumably had prior. Not everyone is a Vernon Davis or shawne Merriman


Ryan ---

To sort out the timeline, he came into CP in January 2009; it wasnt for another year before the slimming became a mandate.

That said, it was just a theory (albeit a logical one) on my end. Dont really know for sure at this point.


i hear you- frustrating a4* prospect with other big time offers cant get on the field at a position really of weakness. Has a DE recorded a sack yet? Not to mention the move of Mackall to MLB elinates another rush end for the time being. Now if Arnett moves to OL in the same fashion Bruce Campbell did, albeit a little later in the game, and gets similar results, it will be for the better. Went back and looked at one of MattBrackens posts from his recruitment and there was mention of Arnett having the wing span of a 7 footer- hopefully serves him well on the o-line

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