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Two things going into the UVA game; (1) we better have a serious chip on our shoulder after the last two home games against these guys & (2) if we can't beat UVA then we do not need to be in your 128 scenarios....


This is insane. But interesting. :) Go Hokies!

Andrew Zitnay

You say md's done with a fsu loss, but that doesn't take the trainwreck scenario into account. I like our chances in that draw :).


Actually in the scenario where Clemson wins with a 4-4 record, you didn't take into account the possibility of BC beating UVA and Duke and also finishing 4-4. There would be 5 way tie at 4-4 atop the Atlantic.


Matt ---

Id actually included that in a post the other night.

Clemson wins the five-way tie, too, which is why I didnt bother to spell it out again.

But, what the heck:

Clemson 3-1 (W-FSU, NCSU, Md.; L-BC)
NCSU 3-1 (W-FSU, Md., BC; L-Clemson)
Md 2-2 (W-FSU, BC; L-Clemson, NCSU)
FSU 1-3 (W-BC; L-Clemson, NCSU, Md.)
BC 1-3 (W-Clemson; L-NCSU, Md., FSU)

Clemson takes it over N.C. State based on head to head win.

Daren Helms

If NC State takes care of business, beats Wake, UNC, and Maryland, it doesn't matter what happens with Maryland, FSU, or Clemson. If FSU wins out and NC State wins out, doesn't the Wolfpack get the tie-breaker from beating the Seminoles?


Daren ---

Correct. N.C. State collects the division if it wins out.


Your trainwreck scenario isnt correct at all. If Clemson beats FSU and loses to Wake then Clemson's record is 4-4 not 5-3. If Clemson wins both and finishes at 5-3, then it wins the tie-breaker because they would have beaten FSU, Maryland, and NCSU.


Ross ---

Youre misinterpreting what the trainwreck scenario is.

The three-way tie at 5-3 between Florida State, Maryland and N.C. State (with the Clemson loss to Wake to fall to 4-4) could go all the way to a blind draw, which is much uglier than simply a four- or five-way tie that Clemson clearly wins.


looking forward to the update tomorrow?


Perhaps as soon as I make it home.

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