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Joe in upstate NY

Add #11: Despite all the folks who have called for his untimely departure, I think Terp's Head Coach Ralph Fridgen will be this year's ACC Coach of the Year. He just has to be, taking a woebegone team from the ACC cellar to tied-for-first in the Division in one year. Even if the Terps lose out - and they will not - Coach F is Coach of the Year in the ACC.


Joe ---

Still think it could be either Beamer or OBrien. Knowing voter habits, its probably down to TOB and Ralph, but Beamer probably warrants some credit if Hokies produce 10 straight wins.

Eddie T

Yep, I agree -- wouldn't call it a done deal yet. O'Brien will probably grab it if the Pack win out and play for the title.

Joe in upstate NY

Yup, the next two weeks will tell the tale for ACC honors. We shall see.

Bill Bride

Cutcliffe's not in any danger of losing his job is he? IIRC he turned down Tennessee in '08 to stay at Duke.


Bill ---

He turned down Tennessee after last year. I doubt hes in any imminent danger, especially since this was going to be a year of recalibration. But if Duke finishes 4-8 this season, youd have to think the Blue Devils will believe they should get to a bowl next year. I know I would if I was them.

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