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Such a bold move by anderson. We will see how it pays off in a couple years that's for sure. I think it pays off very well in the long term. Ralph wasnt winning enough in the last few years to have a consistent fan base


I don't know whether the "I've earned an extension" comments fueled this but if it did then Friedgen's agent maybe ultimately responsible for the outcome. Certainly that and all the negative comments about Coach Franklin would have started Franklin thinking about other opportunities. I think Leach will be a good choice if that's who we obtain (as long as coach Brown stays) but coach Franklin would have been very good also (he has good HC qualities) particularly if he got a Good OC.


The HCIW tag is responsible for this.

Franklin went to Anderson and asked if he would be coach next year, Anderson did not confirm. Franklin told Anderson he would not be back this year if he did not get that guarantee. We know how that went....

Meanwhile, Fridge is asking for a major deal (he had one offered) for an extension and is playing hardball. Frank now offers assistants gig at Vandy. So we are sitting there with a potential one year coach and needing to bring in 5 new coaches to replace those lost. So what do you do? Allow Ralph to hold on for one last year with a decimated program...? Don't think we can afford that..

All being said, Ralph has been great for the program and we owe him to bow out gracefully, it just stinks its all gone down like this, he deserves better.

See you at the "Fridge Bowl"


The grass is always greener. Ask Michigan if they miss Lloyd Carr....

The coach that takes over Maryland will be getting a solid team.

Personally, I'd make Don Brown HC over Leach any day.

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