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Good for him, I hope he does great.

Interesting though that he was rather adament on Twitter that he wasn't necessarily going, hadn't made up his mind, etc. And then announced 4.4 seconds after the game he was leaving.

I'd still like to know if he got his NFL draft grade.


CK, I think he was trying to deflect that kind of stuff on twitter while probably deciding by himself that he would forego his senior season. The kid had a bomb-diggity year, on a bum ankle no less. And probably better for the university doing it ASAP before they hire the new coach, so it doesn't look like he left because he didn't like the coach, etc.

I think he's 2-3rd rounder. I don't see him falling all the way down to the 4th round. As much as I hate the Ravens, they could use his speed to spread the field...

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