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Tech had better win this year.


Tomahawk ---

I do tend to agree with that. Assuming Manuel is capable of steering the ship and the Seminoles are stable on the offensive line, I have to think theyre the conference favorites in 2011.


I do not agree with your comparison of FSU and NCSU. I think the difference between the two is that FSU (despite the losses) I believe is increasing momentum. The unseen wrinkle however in that momentum is discipline/experience. I see NCSU floundering. One more point, I believe the Atlantic division was stronger this year than the Coastal. I think its too tough to call though -- VT has to stop playing mind games with themselves. If I had to pick someone to win though, it would be the Noles -- because this season for them has been about irony. Hokies season has been fairly predictable -- which usually starts with a strongly start, strong middle to end -- with a less than stellar finish in the post season.


er -- meant to say " usually starts with a struggle, strong middle to end --"

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