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How likely is it that UA/Anderson have been planning this awhile? Also why would Brown follow Franklin when he has nothing to do with the O. Isn't that kind of turning your back on all the players?


Terpfan2011 ---

Wouldnt say this was a long-term plan.

And if your contract was up, you had a real chance to lose your gig and someone offered you a decent-paying comparable job, wouldnt you take it?


True. However I must say that from the perspective of a student who knows my share of players, Don Brown is LOVED. Fridge not so much, and Franklin, well Idk that many offensive guys.


Terpfan2011 ---

I would agree with you that Brown is generally loved by players. Definitely get that sense around the team house.


This makes no sense to me.

Why say Ralph would return next year only to bump him now, right before a bowl game?


This sucks! Ralph deserves better than this! If this is the way Anderson operates, he ought to be fired! He and Franklin are turning out to be Iago. Most people have no clue what it takes to run a program, and do it cleanly and well. Ralph has done this! All the while having his hands tied behind his back with the lack of commitment to the program from the university (i.e.,the lack of spending). There is much more to this than just winning and losing. People are talking about Leach as a replacement. The guy is a thug and an idiot. He lives nowhere near reality and has no idea how to deal with kids or people in general, much less how to develop them as players and people. We deserve a far better coach than this. And believe it or not folks, that is Ralph. But after all Ralph has done, this has to be killing him to be treated this way.


You are letting sentiment cloud your judgment. Ralph has become a conservative 'play not to lose' coach. This mentality does not bring in top recruits, sell stadium suites (60% empty), nor fill the regular seats (why we ended in the Military bowl). Plus, he would have one year left on his contract, lost his best recruiter, and basically would have had a major challenge finding anyone worthy to fill that OC/recruiting spot for a year (nor would the AD spent real money on a possible one year replacement).

So if we get Leach, we get a coach that's a bit of a whack job, but could possibly bring excitement back to this program and fill the seats (this is a business like it or not). His connection to UA is huge, like Nike is to Oregon. It's a HUGE gamble by KA, but it shows he is already serious about putting the Terps in the big leagues. I am 100% behind him.


Faithless, classless, not the way to treat an alum.


Timing wise this is a mess unless they are trying follow WVU's example to a degree. But in no way should this have leaked to the media...Fridge should be offered an administration position. Many coaches talk about the academic side of college football but how many of them were honor students while playing?? He would be a superior asset in this type of role to the school. I hope Coach Brown stays. Just imagine Leach's lite it up offense and Brown's super aggressive defensive scheme, wow now that would be fun to watch....


The absolute most important thing to do, in order to fill seats at Byrd, is to win games.

The two things that will most immediately impact the team's ability to win games in the future are as follows:

First, get a 9 win season under your belt by beating ECU.

Second, get this recruiting class on board with as little defection as possible.

At this particular point in time, having Ralph's job security go public is the worst possible situation for Maryland. Anderson is fully responsible for the bad timing and public nature of this debacle.

Ralph was not a genius when he went to the Orange Bowl, nor was he an idiot when he went 2-10. He's always been a good fb coach and he proved that this year.

Ralph's problems begin and end with with continuity in recruiting. Franklin was part of the solution. The other part was stopping the turnover at Recruiting Coordinator by fixing Solazzo in that position.

What killed Ralph's program was the result of bad recruiting that occured over a three year period when Maryland's fb recruiting coordinator changed from Locksley, to Franklin, to Solazzo. The ball was dropped here.

Poor administrative oversight of recruiting, over a three year period, led to a talent deficiency that reflected in long term Ws and Ls.

Don't believe me?

Go back and tell me why Pinegar is the only senior on the OL this year. Then tell me why Gonella is the only senior on the OL next year. Then tell me why both those guys are walk-ons that overachieved.

It all comes down to the turnover at RC; Locks, to Frank, to Solaz.

Obviously Ralph is responsible for this but the worst is already behind us.

Recruiting is now stable. The Terps have a QB and, if they can get this class on board, depth at OL.

Maryland needs to hire an OC and some dynamic young recruiters...not a new head coach.

Leach has a ton of baggage. His hire is a very risky long term move.

Anderson has made this situation an absolute mess.


Lost in all this discussion about Leach's character is that his football results were fairly mediocre. His most successful tenures were as OC at Valdosta St and his one year as OC at Oklahoma. Both programs were great without him. He has never been in demand for other jobs and TxTech actually paid him less than most Big12 jobs b/c they knew they could. In terms of excitment, yes when the run and shoot is working it's exciting... when it's not working it is excruciating to watch.


Mediocre? Are you effin kidding me? His career record at Tech Tech is 84–43, and that's in the Big 12! Imagine if the Terps played in the Big 12 under the last 7 years of Friedgen...we couldn't even get near .500 in the crappy ACC in that span.


yes mediocre in terms that his winning percentage is basically the same as TT coaches for the last 40 years. Look it up. He didn't take over some graveyard program TT had posted winning conference records in their first 4 years in the Big12 all preceding Leach. TT has had 7 head coaches (not counting Tuberville) since 1970, Leach percentage-wise ranks 3rd or 4th in that span.


If the reporting is accurate, This is a crime of Danny Snyder Proportion!

7 Bowls in 10 seasons, twice ACC Coach of the Year, smallest budget in the ACC and maybe in the country for a School with 'Big Time Ambitions". umd has had true 'STUDENT- athletes"

If True, I am OUT on the TERPS!



Look the job Leach did at Texas Tech was terrific... I have been to Lubbock, TX more than I wanted to. It is not called the "outpost" of the big 12 for nothing. It is 300 miles from anything, gas wells smell all the time and is flat as a pancake with literally NO trees. About the only good thing there is it is usually sunny...

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