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I just bought three tickets this morning to the Military Bowl. I skipped buying the Maryland allotment tickets and got the $25 ones (plus $6 for ticketmaster, grumble), and added on the all-you-can-eat before game Tailgate deal for another $20 more per ticket. Seats were fourth row in upper deck, which at RFK isn't that far from the action, despite the distorted map here: http://www.militarybowl.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/RFK-MD-ECU-2010.pdf

Hard to imagine all that many current students showing up to this -- $55 through the school is an awful lot for a student on a cold game during holiday break.


Jordan, you made a mistake (although you couldn't have known better). I just found out that as of today, I think if you call the Terps ticket office on the phone, they will sell you the $25 tickets, even though the online form still only offers the $55 and $90 tickets.

I bought a bunch of the $25 tickets today and donated a couple too for good measure.

Although it's true we're all saving a lot of money on flights, I'd really have to hold my nose to pay $90 for a MD-ECU ticket. It feels ridiculous that the bowl set the prices so high and are forcing fans to pay those prices when they buy through their school.

Patrick, thanks for writing about this. Do you have any idea why the military bowl thought it could get away with these prices? I guess when they have 20,000 guaranteed sales and are going to give away the rest to the military, why not ripoff the people who are committed to paying for the tickets? It sucks.


And $55 is the price for student guests - students can go for $25


Good to know that students have to only pay $25. I really had a hard time believing there was no cheaper option for students.

I'm OK with my purchase, esp. since I was able to get them on the Maryland side, but yea, I definitely would have gotten them from the school's allotment if I knew!

I had to go through an upsell attempt anyway by Ticketmaster as the guy over the phone first tried to tell me that no $25 were left and that I should get the $55 ones, despite the online site showing me no trouble in buying them.

Ticketing issues aside, I'm still looking forward to attending my first bowl game.


Shawn ---

Im not sure why $90 is the high-end price. I know if I was a Maryland student now, Id channel my days in the Phillies final years at the Vet and buy 700 level seats and meander down to the 300 level almost immediately. Certainly easy to understand why people wouldnt plunk down $90/pop.

My best guess is that any bowl game (not just this one) figures it will be able to tap into the season ticket base of any school that comes to its game, and that those are the folks who are easiest to make money off of. If someone is willing to make a significant investment in a program (season tix + booster club donations), whats an extra $100 around the holidays?


Are the $25/$55 student/guest tickets located in the upper deck?


Adam ---

Yep, though the seats closest to the field --- the ones where your view is obstructed by sideline personnel --- are also $55.

Heres the seating map:



Of course every bowl game thinks like that, but for some reason the military bowl wants more for lower level seats than almost all the other ACC bowls (and more for many of their best upper level seats too). It just doesn't make sense considering how much thought goes into setting prices for a bowl game.

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