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The running backs are going to LOVE this hire. Da'Rel Scott should've been listed as a loser in this because he was never used properly by Franklin, and Scott would've gone for almost 2,000 yards under Edsall.

Interesting take on Danny O'Brien "winning" on this. Zach Frazier was 4 star Notre Dame Recruit and didn't have much success at UConn. I gotta believe Danny is smarter so I hope you're right about that. I just hope he doesn't take a few steps backwards.


This is the best take I've seen yet on this. Totally agree on RichRod, who would have inspired mass revolt rather than mere disgust.


Great post Patrick.

Recruit rankings are more often than not, a crapshoot. Remember, Danny was 'just' a 3-star. The overall talent level at MD vs. UConn is much higher.

Danny is a smart kid he's already looking forward to the playbook. If they work hard and do their homework they should finish near or at the top next year. (Of the ACC that is)...


It's true that Leach padded his stats with non-conference cupcakes, but the same can be said for Edsall as well. His UConn teams averaged a SoS of 77th in the nation.

Also keep in mind that Leach's conference record was in the Big 12. One of, if not the, toughest conferences in football. Edsall's 22-26 mark was against arguable the worst conference in football.

John Giese

Fantastic work as always. Thank you for consistently providing a measured, thoughtful analysis as opposed to the knee-jerk, one-sided takes found elsewhere in this area.

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