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They make it hard to find the RSS feed on the Washington Times website. There's no link on the blog page to subscribe. You have to go to a big listing of all the Washington Times RSS feeds, and then D1scourse isn't even at the top under Sports, it's under a separate "Blogs" heading at the very bottom. I eventually found it, but maybe you could talk to your bosses about how round-about this is?


Mike ---

Ill see what I can do. And please, please, PLEASE (this goes for everyone) bring up any technological issue, big or small, so I can pass it along. Cant promise results, but can absolutely promise they get sent to the right person.


I agree - it was a huge pain to find this link



Hi Patrick,

Congratulations on going back to the times, I am really happy for you and enjoy your work. I had a quick question. In order to still follow the blog, do I just bookmark that link that you posted above? I have this one bookmarked but will change it if that is what will be used now. Thanks alot!


Kevin ---

Keep em both bookmarked. In case of any technological issues, this will be a backup option.


thank you, will do!


Hi Patrick. While I am happy for your return to the Times, I am sad that reading your blog posts is going to be much more difficult. Perhaps I am spoiled by having had all of your entries land in Google Reader in their entirety. That said, all I receive now from the RSS link posted by Shawn is a link to the article on the Times website. I am better off just visiting the Times website than bothering with Google Reader. Can your tech people make it so that the entire blog entry makes its way to my reader instead of just a title link?

jon stover

Do you happen to know why Howie Long's son is no longer on the UVA lacrosse roster?
IL had him on the roster in Faceoff, but his name is no longer on the current roster.

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