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After Vandy beats a good bama team and a ranked Kentucky team, they do not move above a 6? It is finally clear to me that bracketology is the art of picking the same 12 schools at the top of the bracket, regardless of facts or records, etc.


J.E. ---

Please go back and read the first few paragraphs. Dont think it could be explained much better that I had to switch Kentucky and Vanderbilt to avoid a Vanderbilt-Marquette rematch in the round of 64. In short, thats me saying that Vanderbilt SHOULD be a 5 and Kentucky SHOULD be a 6, but it would create a world of headaches to rip up a bunch of the bracket. Thats only worthwhile if its actually fairly close to the actual selections. Its a month out.

And that good Alabama team went 8-6 against the nations No. 261 nonconference schedule. Might want to revisit that assessment.

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