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Todd aka CharmCityTerp

Wow...MD is not even close i guess. Still Say Clemson doesn't deserve a bid and VT will wind up 9-7 in the ACC.


Todd ---

I think its safe to say a few teams that dont deserve a bid will make it in this season.

Todd aka CharmCityTerp

Patrick...think you are right! :)


The ACC contenders will sort themselves out over the next two weeks. The real question is if the league will ultimately merit 4 or 5 teams.

As a Clemson fan I'm not sure why Clemson doesn't deserve a bid (compared to anyone else, that is, in this really soft bubble year.) The Tigers are 7-6 to this point in the conference season and are one of only two teams who still haven't had a shot at WF - which we get on Saturday. So it's not as though the stripes we have haven't been hard-earned.

Also note that Clemson is breaking in a radically new style of play with a team that lost two starters (one of them the best Clemson player in the last 10 years). The resume is weak because of December losses to Michigan, South Carolina and FSU - all in the span of a week leading up to exam break. Not coincidentally Demontez Stitt held off on getting a knee scoped until the exam week. Since then the Tigers have been a very solid (if unspectacular) bunch. For floks that have been paying close attention the turn in fortunes since mid-December can be directly attributable to Coach Brownell getting 10 days to really install his defense and Stitt getting back to full health.

Still...it all plays itself out. VaTech, BC, maryland and Clemson essentially all dance with each other for the next 10 days. May the best team earn their way to the top.

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