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Congrats Patrick, long time reader, first time commenter. Thank you for all that you've done.


Congratulations - I too have been a long time reader, twitter follower, etc.

Your analysis is great,and it is good to know a knowledgeable reporter such as yourself will be covering the CAA.


You truly are the best.


Congrats, Patrick. Thank you so much for keeping at it.


Patrick, congrats on the new/old gig! I've enjoyed reading your blogs and getting the inside scoop on my Terps.

Your blog posts were refreshing, especially since many of the other Terp blogs out there seem to be writing at a 4th grade level. In all seriousness, congrats and I look forward to reading your work at the Times.


Congrats Patrick! For my money, you offer far and away the best coverage of Terps athletics.

Bill OB

Awesome news. Congrats, Pat!

jon stover

Congratulations. As a charter and continuing subscriber of the Times to this day, I am glad you're back. Good things happen to good people.


Congrats on the steady employment, Patrick. With your talent and work ethic, I'm not surprised.

But a newspaper expanding? That's a shocking story.

jon stover

Another newspaper often attacked by the left in this country is also expanding. It's called the Wall St. Journal. Hopefully, the TImes and the Examiner will join forces to bring some balance to the print world.

Coach Wallets

It's nice to your blog.

Trial Lawyer

Is your salary the same?


Safe to say its a lot more than what I was making over the last 14 months.

Larry Williams

Great news, Pat. Happy for you. See ya in Greensboro!


Fantastic news on many levels.


One of the best things about your old blog (this blog) was the full-text RSS feed.... Now we get nothing but the title from washingtontimes.com ... For people who read a lot on smartphones, it might be too much of a hassle to be opening and switching between the new windows now required to read this blog. Unfortunate..

Also they require you to log-in for comments, which is a hassle too..

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