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That's ... pretty insane. Wow.


Southern Hospitality ...

Only in the inbred South ...


Right, because a gang wouldn't chase (or worse) anyone that wandered into their territory in Chicago, DC, or Philly. Thanks for playing though.

Steve Wilson

After all that, it's good to see Mr. Likely decided to become a Terp!


I live in West Palm Beach and drive through Belle Glade and Pahokee regularly. Before you go judging on who may have been chasing him out of the neighborhood, come visit or get some facts straight. That is what Belle Glade and Pahokee is unfortunately. That is why it is so important for these kids to get out. I'm sure those guys would love for any of you to randomly come cruising through their neighborhood with them not knowing who you are and why you're there. That area is no place to get lost and/or piss off the wrong person. Glad everyone was alright.


Shannon, if only Pahokee could somehow match the 0% crime rate of every low income community on your wrong side of the Mason-Dixon.



Agree Chris. Some really nasty neighborhoods in that area where even the police do not venture. Covered up in drugs & gangs, violence, aids (yes aids) Bell Glade was the aids capital of the US a few years back due to unclean needles. Any kid that can get a free ride out of there should take it.

Ron Johnson

By the way, any chance that it was Will Muschamp and Jimbo Fisher behind the wheel in the "chase vehicles"?


Did you get the message? Stop recruiting in Florida!

palm beach

"Muck City" east of Pahokee on SR 717 seems to fit his description.


What a biggoted and ignorant comment Shannon. Screw you and the Yankee jackass you were bred from


Bottom Line - Coach Edsall and Coach Stewart "will likely" get it done for the #Terps.

Cover Teez gonna lead the '14 class - #DMV lock down - 1 & 2 this year, 1 and ... in 2014. Let's Roll

Dr B

Looks like a couple of the comments just proved Shannon's point. If you are going to counter a statement, do it with facts or a qualified opinion. Not similar name calling like "Yankee Jackass". That makes all of us from the south look the part you are taking exception too.


I love how one person here posted something like:

"Before you go judging, get your facts straight -- that area is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's awful and only gangs live there, so dot ever go there or you'll die. But don't judge."

That's hilarious.


Dr B maybe if you have had to deal with as many of these "ignorant bigots" as have I, you wouldn't have such a simplistic attitude. Just what makes your opinion so qualified? And are you so naive that you actually don't think that most true Southerners don't agree with me? You live in a fog my good Dr.

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